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Tell us what you think about our LPS store!

What do we do well?

Holly McCracken

Great shop! Items are always as described, the shipping is quick and the figures are packed well. Reasonable prices and cute extras only add to shopping here! Highly recommend!

Dakota Cook

shipped + arrived very quickly !!! pets are in AMAZING condition too and was even given some freebies such as stickers :3 i also love how the pets are priced!! totally recommend buying

Annalise Rose

I've bought almost my entire collection from here! I've been a collector since I was a kid, but sold everything off once I got older. I decided to restart my collection recently now that I have "adult money" lol and now here we are! I love that the authenticity is listed in the post, you always know if there is pet damage before you receive, the prices are great, customer service is even better, and I love the option to "hold your pets". Overall, 10/10 :)

Shauna Poss

I was so glad to come across this website! Best communication, understanding and honest owner, fast shipping. All around great site and person!!

Isabella karvonen

Love all the lps I got 10/10

Bean Beansobob

Cutest packaging! Came quickly, animals were very clean and exactly as pictured, the box is nice, it was packaged with care, and I’m going to continue feeding my inner child with my adult money through these guys! Y’all’s the best!🤠

Starry Fest

Got here on time, and in good condition! Nice addition to my ever-growing collection! First time order, would order again :3

Rhys Cleckner

Order arrived quickly and I got exactly what I wanted, plus a cute little eraser and sticker! The website is super easy to navigate and I love the rotating stock!
I've returned a few times already, and I plan on continuing! Thanks so much. :D


Gf was a fan! Great seller communication and arrived pretty quickly.

Makena Richardson

First time ordering and it was awesome!! All pets came authentic and exactly like the photo thank you!!


Showed up in great conditions, love it!


I'm always satisfied with my orders from this store. Great quality, real authentic LPS, reasonable prices, and always on time!

Andie 🐨

These LPS are amazing I was looking for these pets and now I have them. In amazing condition I recommend this place btw the cat sticker looks just like my cat🐈

Lexi Alvarez

I am in LOVE with this cute little guy! I've heard so many good reviews from this seller and none of them were wrong. The packaging was well secured, plus two extra little goodies :) I am so pleased with the pricing, quality and love put into the package. 100% will be buying more from you guys <3

april lps

great lps best lps store in the whole world

candy b

one of my go to places for my custom works. great!

Sara Fisher

the packaging was very secure and came with cute stickers! i’m glad i got the lps at such a cheap price and they are in such good condition. i would definitely buy from again <3

•Angelic Blossom•

Pets came in great shape, still recommend this shop!

•Angelic Blossom•

Pets came in perfect shape. I still recommend this shop.

Kallin bossenbroek

They arrived really fast, in great quality with 1 blemish that I was aware of at time of purchase. Seller was great to converse with, definitely recommend!


Yeah finally I have a duplicate of an old LPS I have that I completely destroyed when I was a kid and now I have a non-destroyed version of him and I’m happy about it

NOT Valentin

I got these cuties in today and I couldn’t be happier! The Spaniel did have a chip on her ear, but the seller let me know about it, other than that, all is perfect and pets are beautiful! <3


These LPS are amazing and I’m totally buying again!🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾


My LPS were in great condition. I love my new LPS and I’m definitely buying again!🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾


Honestly the most reliable and legit Lps shop I have found to this day! Amazing customer service when questions are asked and really great prices, nothing feels sketchy or overpriced. Amazing Instagram where they keep updating all their new stock and allowing everyone to get a chance to order from them! I've ordered twice now (soon to be 3 times) and have received my package within a very reasonable/ quick time frame. 10/10 shop honestly. Highly recommend!


Thank you very much everything came in great nothing was off i will 100% be buying them again!:>

H. Bohl

Pets arrived quickly and in great condition, even came with some freebies as well! :)

Mika O.

I've never been happier to get a package before! Looks just like the pictures and got here super fast!! Will definitely buy from them again :)

Angelic Blossom

Pet arrived in perfect condition and came with cute accessories.


is prety pretty

Angelic Blossom

The pet came quick and in great condition. It was packaged nicely and came with cute accessories!

Angelic Blossom

My second time ordering from this shop and it went well! The pets came quick and in good condition despite a few scratches. I again recommend this shop.


i lost all my lps and my mom was like go to your fav lps shop and get three more of for because i had some of my own money but i love this shop and it is my fav lps store.

Angelic Blossom

The pets are super cute and authentic! They didn't take too long to arrive. I definitely recommend this shop.

Myrical Alexis Wesfall

I didn't order anything btw (In case you didn't know "btw" means "By The Way" Those are it's abreaviations) but I just don't get the whole point of this app and i'm not trying to hate on this website/ hate on you but this app is honestly kind of boring besides you gettng to talk to you guys.


Aaaah thwy arw so cute im obsessed

Ivy Cahill

the animals are very clean and well taken care of. I will always look here first.

Selena peregrina

I absolutely love this seller! Her lps are cheap and always arrive safely in great condition, I have ordered from her 2 times and you can also find very good deals on her website, I recommend buying from this seller.


I got lps from this store a long time ago but now the shipping is $14!?! I do live in Canada so that could be why but I don't know if I want to buy lps from here does anyone know what I should do?


this is my second time ordering from them and i will definitely be ordering again when i can! all my pets came in good condition and i was given a sticker and candy as a freebie :)


About a year with jade now!


phew! About a year now since I got jade! I now have another horse named via, and her daughter Ollie!

Karla Hernandez

I got everything I paid for and the process was super easy😊 I love this store and will continue to buy soon again! :D I also loved the free stickers thank you!



Iyanna Young

Thank you guys so much, these came very quickly and we're packaged safely. The staff was very nice and was able to help me in a timely manner! I love the extras that I was given with this package, I love this little poppet I was given. definitely won't be my last order, looking forward to buying more again sometime soon.

Domiano Di Schino

Overall good experience!! Ordering was easy and I received my order quickly and in great condition! :)

Ivy Cahill

The animals looked even better than in the pictures, and shipping is super fast. This will be one of my first stops when buying more.

Natalle ryan


I have ordered several pets before, and recently I ordered a Boston Terrier. I did not see that there was a little scratch on its belly, but it was pointed out to me, and I was refunded half of the money without even asking. Great customer service! Thank you for your honesty.


AAAAAHHH they are all so cute and I’m always happy with y’all when buying from yall

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