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Amanda Belgarde

I thought this web site was to good to be true. After checking online places like amazon and ebay to find some specific LPS pets for Christmas ornaments I was disappointed in the selection and prices. Then I found this site. Absolutely fabulous. Found every pet I needed for only a few dollars each. They arrived a few days later, exactly what I needed. Cant recommend this site enough. :)


I've been a customer since Oct 2021, and I have nothing but good things to say about this shop! I've never had an issue with any of my orders. I'm not incredibly knowledgeable about LPS and their worth, but the prices here seem very fair. They're honest in their listings; if there's a blemish or something else wrong with the toy they're very clear about it, so there's no surprises when you get your order. All in all, I can't recommend this shop enough!

Pwnzer da epik!1

omg luv the lps!! pretty cheap if you buy from the 1 dollar lps! def rec for beginner collectors!!!

Adalynn Douglas

Hi! I just want you to know that i absolutely LOVE all of my LPS i get from you! They are perfect!! ❤


Bout 7 months with jade now and she’s doing great!


love them, thank you!


Perfect!! The shipping was quick and the packaging was great! Got my biggest ISOs back in my collection 💗💗

Akyrah K Bradley

Best Lps's ever!!! If this store never existed, I would have never gotten back into my lps gig back then.


I feel that they capture the real animal but I still love them

E Flynn

got a bundle of 4 rly cute pets from this shop recently, absolutely love them! they arrived very quick and are in great condition, 100% worth it!! Definitely buying from this shop again :)


Hello from jade! I’ve hade her almost 5 months now!

Eevees secret

ok i get i bought this husky like 2 months ago but I LOVE HIM SO MUCHHH. ive been wanting a husky pup for so long and finally got him awhile ago. i named him rocky and i adore him lolz

Lps Wonderland

Ahhhhhh thank you littlest pet shop stop!!!!! I never in a million years dreamed I would have this shorthair she is one of my dream pets I got! Even though she is blemished I got her for $5!!! And I usually see her for way more than that!!! Plus I got a blemish lot of 5 for only four dollars this above all my favorite Lps shop to buy from thank you so much!!!


The LPs were real and they were really cheap, and I love that so much, they came fast, and it's honestly the best website ever, and I love how they tell us when something's wrong with them, or if they're fake and it's just like the best thing ever, but I'm also interested in the cats, so if they could add more, I would be so obsessed.


Very amazing store. Have bought from here many times and was always satisfied.


Amazing! Came fast, nothing wrong with LPS, AMAZING! It gave me a cute bunny sticker and some candy! (I already ate some xD) Will buy from again!


Ordered from here, and I believe its gonna be my
my hotspot for LPS. Highly Recommend when You're looking for reasonably priced LPS! They restock everyday so you can always see what's new!


I will never stop shopping here. TheLittlestPetShopStop still remains as one of my favorite shops to buy LPS from.


My favorite independent LPS shop! I buy from here all the time and am never left disappointed!!♥️💜💕


Ok, so I know Ive already made a review,but my horse was in such good condition I HAD TO MAKE ANOTHER ONE ~!!!~~!~!!~!~!~!~!~!!!!!!!!! <3

Rae P.

I absolutely adore this site! The people running the site are so kind and put so much care into getting everyone's pets safe and sound. Plus, they ship super quickly! I 100% recommend this website if you're looking for fairly priced pets to add to your collections ❤️

Lps taylor

Really fast shipping and pets are very clean. 11/10 would recommend buying here for cheap priced lps!


my lps was brought in SUPER DUPER pawsom condition. I got an apple cider mix in powder, a sticker, and a great condition lps horse, that happend to be my very first horse. As a collector myself, I really recommend this website.

Jessica R.

I've ordered a couple of LPS from here and they always arrive in great condition and on time. Highly recommend! :D

Evelyn Buck

Thank you so much for the pet! I love the little lizard I received and it was in perfect condition along with the accessories. I also liked the cute extras !! I will defiantly be buying from here again :)

fruity mango lps

I've ordered since 2020 (from what I remember, I have horrible memory) and every pet is always perfect. If it states it's authentic, it's authentic. The pets always arrive just how they looked in the photos and shipping is only 2-3 weeks most of the time (I'm Canadian).

Samara Carrillo

Shipping was fast, packaging was nicely done and I appreciate the extras. The pet was in great condition 💖

Lps wonderland

I received a package a few days ago and decided to leave a review, I got a rare puppy and a golden retriever and did some photography with them today! Littlest pet shop stop is hands down the best place to buy your LPS it’s always authentic every time I order from them unless it says it’s fake They sell old LPS newer LPS everything even old accessories! I have bought many rare pets from here and every time they’ve been authentic! I don’t know what else to say but thank you I’ve got most of my collection from here thank you Littlest pet shop stop!


Thank you so much.


The pets are beautiful and the shipping is always super fast. Thank you so much <3


i love this shop! great prices. i also love that it tells you if the lps is real or not. 10/10!

Eevees secret

i love this little corgi! i was a bit sad of when it was pushed back until monday, but i got her and i am super happy! :)

Mya Creighton

BEST LPS STORE EVER! 1. Shipping so fast 2. Very nice person and 3. Very cheap lps in nice condition:3 100000000/100000000 will buy again (even tho I waste all my money on this shop XD)


TheLittlestPetShopStop is my favorite online LPS store to buy from! I’ve bought from here several times and the packages arrive so fast and the pets are always clean! If I’ve ever had a question, they reply super fast when they can and I appreciate that so much! Their website is very clean and easy to navigate through. I definitely recommend to buy from here! Keep up the great work!
- TalentstarTVlps


Excellent service!! A+ ☺️

La Donna Hirst

I have bought from Littlest Pet Shop Stop 3, 4, maybe 5 times now. I have loved each pet I've received, each package came well taped, secured, and stuffed with tissue paper. They also come with little goodies along with your LPS! I've gotten stickers, a sticky hand, even halloween rings in my last order! The pets are clean, great condition, the packages ship out fast and are to the door on time. I love how we are notified and shown big pictures of what is to come in upcoming releases and I LOVE the sales/deals! definitely a good place to shop for trustworthy and authentic LPS.

Baxter Ericka

I love the shop and i enjoy seeing the new pets each week! I do miss the more close up videos on Instagram though, I liked being able to see if there was a pet I was looking for in that batch in advance, that way I would know If I should plan on trying to get the pet.

Other than that this place is great and I can’t wait to purchase from here again!

Morgan Rega

I have bought 20 LPS from here and they're all in good or great condition and the extras are so cute! The prices aren't bad either. They come within a week of buying and I plan on buying more!!

Leila Martinez

hello.i love this store its very cheap and fair.this will be the lps store i will buy from for a long time.ps buying today


This will always be one of my favorite places to shop for LPS. The prices are fair and the pets are always in good condition. Thank you so much!

Piper Williams

Lps Love them


I ordered a lps mouse great condition definitely buying here again!


Hello I got my package in the mail today and I love it! I’ll definitely be buying again and everything came in great condition. Thank You.


i bought a lovebug and some accessories, and they came so quickly! and the packaging was so nice, and the sellers sent in some free gifts!

i plan on buying again <3


These pets are amazing! They came exactly how they looked in the picture they are from one of the blemished sets and I love them!


I found this website from some youtubers and asked my brother if he can order some for my birthday. He ordered me a grey horse and a pink pig. Which are 2 of my dream lps. When it arrived it came in great condition, nice and clean, head moves great. It even came with a tiny bookmark and a cute sticker. I think if you want to find some lps and don't want it really expensive this is a great website.


My LPS came in three days, which was a pleasant surprise. I would rate this shop a 10/10, all three of my LPS also came very clean! <3


Still very satisfied with every item I get from them. It is one of my favorite places to shop to for Littlest Pet Shops. The prices are fair and the condition for each pet is always good.

Kay B.

I’m extremely happy with my order! Everything came packaged neatly, and everything was affordable. The shipping time was wonderful, only a couple days. Overall, this was a pleasant shopping experience, and I will likely buy here again.


Amazing! The Lps are real and have magnets and clear pegs!✨