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What do we do well?

Natalle ryan


I have ordered several pets before, and recently I ordered a Boston Terrier. I did not see that there was a little scratch on its belly, but it was pointed out to me, and I was refunded half of the money without even asking. Great customer service! Thank you for your honesty.


AAAAAHHH they are all so cute and I’m always happy with y’all when buying from yall


I love this shop! Especially their combine shipping option, you can have them hold your pets for as long as you want, very kind people running it and cute extras as well!


I’m so glad I discovered this website I’ve started to collect petshops again and some times eBay and Etsy expensive with pet shops now this site perfect and they have such selections and cute petshops it’s perfect !!!! I know where I’m gonna keep getting pet shops and I can’t wait to get more of the petshops I ordered


The packaging was great, Great customer service :) overall just a good lps store!

Christina K

the pet came in perfect condition. it was packed well and came super quickly. thank you!

Jessica R.

I’ve ordered from here multiple times, and every time the LPS come pretty quickly and in great condition! ❤️


The LPS, along with the packaging, is so cute and such great quality! The pricing and shipping fee is amazingly reasonable plus fast delivery! It’s made my day to receive my pets wrapped with care plus the cute chicken sticker ❤️ I’ll definitely be coming back for more.


this is my first time and i just got 3 today but they have not came yet.But i love how cheep everthing is!!!!!!

Sawyer W

I've ordered from The Littlest Pet Shop Stop three times now and each time was a very pleasant experience. All three pets arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. Two of the pets that I ordered were 100% authentic, and I was aware that the other was fake because it was advertised as such- which is something I really love! Honesty in situations like that is very important and The Littlest Pet Shop Stop made sure I knew the pet I was buying wasn't authentic. Even with that pet being a fake, it was in beautiful condition! I'm overall very happy with my experience and do plan on ordering again. Thank you!!

Dani Pina

Very easy to order from them! And very quick delivery too! Came faster than expected! Very satisfied and will buy from them again! ✨💞


Aaahh so lovely I love them

Harley B

Lps again came in authentic as shown/described condition. I’m happy to have bought more lps for my collection for the amazing prices/conditions they are. As always the extras are adorable! 👑

Amaria Combee

I’ve purchased lps from this site about three or four times now, and each time it has been a great experience. Everything ships and arrives in a timely manner and the products are what I ordered. I plan on buying from this site again very soon.


AAAAH They are all so cute and so lovely. I’m so excited about the collie and the panda and then the swan I’ve never had a swan before. She is so lovely and they all are thank you


Arrived less than week later, gave a small extra Cute eraser (will be his toy now hehe), the seller(s) respond when I asked questions, would highly recommend purchasing lps here :)! Thank you


All of my lps came quickly, the packaging was wonderful and was full of all sorts of goodies, and the lps are all very good quality! Thank you for the lps :)


AAHH I love this jumbo baby 💖💖


everything was packaged with care i love these guys so much they are perfect thank you!!


Thank you so much the LPS always come on time in great condition not damage at all. Very lovely.

Cayleigh Shaw

I’ve been a buyer here since 2020 and can safely say that The Littlest Pet Shop Stop has consistently amazing prices, ship time, packaging, and customer service!


This is my second time buying from here now, and yet again it's amazing! Pets are packaged well and cute little extras were added :) I've been looking for this set of triplets for ages, and I'm so glad I was able to get them, so thank you!


She’s in Beautiful condition I love her smm . will be buying more lps ! 💗


This seller is wonderful! It has been incredibly hard for me to find people selling genuine, authentic LPS at fair prices. All of their LPS are clean and I always look forward to every order’s arrival. I am very thankful for this person’s generosity and devotion to the LPS community!


Excellent communication from seller and quick shipping! Item exactly as described. Would buy from again! 💕


Once again, I’m so happy with my order! I grabbed a few during the New Year sale, and theyre all gorgeous:) Packaging is also very secure and comes with cute stickers!


This seller is actually why I got back into collecting! The seller is super responsive and kind, and all of the pets I’ve bought so far (which is a LOT haha) have been completely clean, authentic and at great prices! Ive looked at other sellers but this is definitely my preferred website :,)

Acajou LPS aka Violette Brisson

I'm sooooooo happy to finally receive my glitter rooster, really good purchase here, you can buy here with closed eyes!

Thank you so much !

Harley B

Lps came in Authentic as shown/described condition! Came with an extra and packaged securely. Definitely would recommend to collectors! 💜


This is one of the best sellers I've been to, they're consistent and have amazing communication with their buyers if you ask me.

Shilo K.

I’ve purchased several times from this shop and every time I’m always super happy with my orders! 10/10!


I love buying from thelittlestpetshopstop. All of their prices are fair and they try to make them as affordable as possible. I appreciate them and this shop so much. I wouldn’t have some of the lps I have now without their shop, so Tysm!

Imogen milman

I love this site! Everything arrived safely and everything was as promised! Clean and ready for use! Great store I will be buying from them in the future! :D


This is the most amazing site for Littlest Pet Shop toys I have ever found! It isn’t sketchy or expensive, and the selection is amazing. The pets are authentic and in excellent condition. These are also my first 2000s pets! I plan on ordering from here again. I rate The Littlest Pet Shop Stop 10/10.

Amanda Belgarde

I thought this web site was to good to be true. After checking online places like amazon and ebay to find some specific LPS pets for Christmas ornaments I was disappointed in the selection and prices. Then I found this site. Absolutely fabulous. Found every pet I needed for only a few dollars each. They arrived a few days later, exactly what I needed. Cant recommend this site enough. :)


I've been a customer since Oct 2021, and I have nothing but good things to say about this shop! I've never had an issue with any of my orders. I'm not incredibly knowledgeable about LPS and their worth, but the prices here seem very fair. They're honest in their listings; if there's a blemish or something else wrong with the toy they're very clear about it, so there's no surprises when you get your order. All in all, I can't recommend this shop enough!

Pwnzer da epik!1

omg luv the lps!! pretty cheap if you buy from the 1 dollar lps! def rec for beginner collectors!!!

Adalynn Douglas

Hi! I just want you to know that i absolutely LOVE all of my LPS i get from you! They are perfect!! ❤


Bout 7 months with jade now and she’s doing great!


love them, thank you!


Perfect!! The shipping was quick and the packaging was great! Got my biggest ISOs back in my collection 💗💗

Akyrah K Bradley

Best Lps's ever!!! If this store never existed, I would have never gotten back into my lps gig back then.


I feel that they capture the real animal but I still love them

E Flynn

got a bundle of 4 rly cute pets from this shop recently, absolutely love them! they arrived very quick and are in great condition, 100% worth it!! Definitely buying from this shop again :)


Hello from jade! I’ve hade her almost 5 months now!

Eevees secret

ok i get i bought this husky like 2 months ago but I LOVE HIM SO MUCHHH. ive been wanting a husky pup for so long and finally got him awhile ago. i named him rocky and i adore him lolz

Lps Wonderland

Ahhhhhh thank you littlest pet shop stop!!!!! I never in a million years dreamed I would have this shorthair she is one of my dream pets I got! Even though she is blemished I got her for $5!!! And I usually see her for way more than that!!! Plus I got a blemish lot of 5 for only four dollars this above all my favorite Lps shop to buy from thank you so much!!!


The LPs were real and they were really cheap, and I love that so much, they came fast, and it's honestly the best website ever, and I love how they tell us when something's wrong with them, or if they're fake and it's just like the best thing ever, but I'm also interested in the cats, so if they could add more, I would be so obsessed.


Very amazing store. Have bought from here many times and was always satisfied.

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