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Leila Martinez

hello.i love this store its very cheap and fair.this will be the lps store i will buy from for a long time.ps buying today


This will always be one of my favorite places to shop for LPS. The prices are fair and the pets are always in good condition. Thank you so much!

Piper Williams

Lps Love them


I ordered a lps mouse great condition definitely buying here again!


Hello I got my package in the mail today and I love it! I’ll definitely be buying again and everything came in great condition. Thank You.


i bought a lovebug and some accessories, and they came so quickly! and the packaging was so nice, and the sellers sent in some free gifts!

i plan on buying again <3


These pets are amazing! They came exactly how they looked in the picture they are from one of the blemished sets and I love them!


I found this website from some youtubers and asked my brother if he can order some for my birthday. He ordered me a grey horse and a pink pig. Which are 2 of my dream lps. When it arrived it came in great condition, nice and clean, head moves great. It even came with a tiny bookmark and a cute sticker. I think if you want to find some lps and don't want it really expensive this is a great website.


My LPS came in three days, which was a pleasant surprise. I would rate this shop a 10/10, all three of my LPS also came very clean! <3


Still very satisfied with every item I get from them. It is one of my favorite places to shop to for Littlest Pet Shops. The prices are fair and the condition for each pet is always good.

Kay B.

I’m extremely happy with my order! Everything came packaged neatly, and everything was affordable. The shipping time was wonderful, only a couple days. Overall, this was a pleasant shopping experience, and I will likely buy here again.


Amazing! The Lps are real and have magnets and clear pegs!✨


Great LPS for a very affordable price!! Bought a frog, turtle, butterfly (with original accessories), and a squirrel. All authentic and in great condition. Arrived in just 2 days for me. 100% recommend for collectors or anyone wanting to get into LPS :) Love this site!!


First time I bought here, came in abou 3-5 days Perfect condition, not broken but the neck was a bit stiff but it loosened up. No chipped paint, and authentic. Even a red magnet, beautiful lps just for $8


These pets are of great value there extremely affordable support this store if you want lps buy them here, great store!!


I have brought several pets from this store and I love them all! I highly recommend that you all come to the Littlest Pet Shop Stop.

my mercari is madzsellz

i currently bought a persian cat, hamster, monkey and something else i kinda forgot lol. i dont know how long it will take. i live in cali so idk. i hope there awesome.,

Nehir Asena

Hello everyone. If anyon is trying to decide rather they should by from this shop the answer is yes. Every singal lps is in amazing shape and extremely affordable. I live quite far away from this store but they still arrived really quick I 100% reccomend. Im sorry for my spelling lol.


y’all I’ve run out of ways to convince my mom to buy me lps from here. She insists on buying fake lps for over 10 dollars on Amazon instead of trusting this website, please helppp!!


Omg, best store ever I bought 11 Lps and they came with in 3-5 days. The pets came in great condition. I give this store 11 out of 10. Please support this store.❤️


I wanted to start collecting this old lps all the other websites I found were very expensive until I came across this website! The first time I bought from this website I got around 7 lps for about a good 15 dollars! I highly recommend this site and will be buying from here again. 10/10

Cheyanne ZuBrinitz

I have done a few reviews on my YouTube channel, Foxxx LPS. I love everything about this website and the LPS I buy from it


literally amazing, bought from here like 10 times they are greatttt

Adalyn Gilchrist

I love your LPS!!! They are soo CUTE! How do you get all of these LPS? We already ordered some and we love them. We are ordering more right now I'm soo excited!!!:D

Adalyn Gilchrist

I love your LPS!!! They are so CUTE! How do you get all of these LPS? We already ordered some and love them I have a picture of them! We are ordering more right now. I am so excited!!! :D


ive gotten so many things here and i have 2 words.... ITS...AWSOME! if i could i would shop here every day like this is the best website yet! i cant explain how good it is! SHOP HERE NOW ITS AWSOME!:)


Hello! So I have gotten REAL lps from this website! They are in very great condition and am so happy to finally collect lps from back then! I have gotten so many lps from you and I’m very excited, good job! And it came in 2-5 days! My lps came in 5 days, since I live her in the US! Again, thank you so much totally buying from you again! <3

Lps tomboy

Oh my gosh I love my lps soooooooooo much me and my sister each got three Lps I got a beagle ( named Logan) a panda ( named Brooklyn) a sheep ( named charity) I order from them all the time they have such good deals on Lps I never even had before like I got my first beagle from here as well as my sheep I am 13 years old and the Lps are really affordable for me one to one million it would be one million and one it’s amazing!!!!!


I am obsessed with the Littlest Pet Shop stop I have bought From them so many times I still can't believe That they are in amazing condition And I've bought so many rare and old lps And are usually most of the time only like $6 And that's crazy there always in amazing condition And I just Can't Recommend them enough Like their amazing and usually it only takes less than a week for you to receive them in the mail 10 out of 10 would recommend still I would recommend them even more I will definitely never stop buying from them until I want to Amazing amazing amazing And now thanks to them I have so many old lps! And every time it comes with candy



Holly williams

Hello everywon <3 i LOVE THIS SHOP i got 10 lps and am SO so exited for them to come and am a kid so i Love candy if it comes with.

PS: I love this shop so much totally shoping here a again :) My mom loves this shop too Lol-

Holly williams

wow!!! i love this website i got some older lps and newer! mine havent arrvied yet but am still so exited! i bought ten lps!


vengo de amie lps


May you add my LPS i've always wanted. The LPS number is 576. If you have it for sell I will buy it. I don't care about the price.


ahhh im so happy my lps just got here and they camein great condition!It also came with two hats and i did get a couplemore then i ordered im not sure if it was an accident or intentenal. either way im so happy and i definetly reccomend this, it also came with candy!


Im so excited i finally convinced my mom to buy from here!


i've ordered from here maybe 5 times, and honestly it's my favorite place to buy lps. i'm trying to build my lps collection and this is a great place to find pets that would be harder to find on other sites. recently i bought a lot of the newer generation pets, ones that arent really sold in stores anymore. and some of these pets wouldnt be able to be found anywhere else, which makes this website really helpful


So i may be buying from here! Im so excited hopefully my mom lets me buy them<3

Sylvia Freeman

I love this shop! I wanted to rebuild my collection due to goodwill loses and finding out what Lps were again. I found this shop from LpsHoney, and I love it so much. They ship almost always right away, the pets are clean, and it’s so affordable for people who want to build their collection. 1000/10 will purchase from again!!

Lps lover

The lps I got was great! The collie had sno scraches, but the mouse had markings that didnt have in the picture, the nose was halfly stained but the good thing is that it wasnt bad! the other lps was in great shape and the packge came in nicley. It came with a buisness card and some candy! will give this 9/10 :> will buy again!

Julia lps

Omg, The lps came with great condition!! i just got a lps authentic collie it only took 5 days for them to ship it! The lps looked exactly the same as I saw in the picture, and it even came with my favorite candys! also came with a adorable buisness card, defenitly will buy again! Thank you so much!!

Kayla Misa

It's such a good place to buy pets and I love it!!

Lps Aj

Omg! the package I got was AMAZING. They shipped it real fast and there was authentic Lps even when its on the page they say whenever the lps is real, or fake. They arent scammers! ! the package even came with candy! They are also extremely nice! The lps I recived where clean and looked brand new. Thank you so much Thelittlestpet ShopStop! I rate this 5 stars (3

- Lps Aj

Jacky RosyMary

As soon as you get new lps, some person keeps buying them all.. I'm not trying to be rude, But I was really looking foward for buying these pets.

Not trying to be rude

So a girl/boy keeps buying every lps that gets in and it’s kinda bugging me cause I really want some of the new ones but I can’t even get them cause there gone and I know you can’t stop that and it’s great for your buisness and i can’t believe I’m complaining about this it’s so dumb but yea so if you could do anything please help.... sorry about this

Lps lover

I love this shop I love the lps I got I love that it has some of my dreem lps I love them so much thank you sooooooo much

𝐿𝓅𝓈 𝐿𝒾𝓁

The lps looked great/new! didnt have any dirt markes nor scraches. 10/10! (3

Lps daisy

I can't wait till my lps come! I can see it has great reviews! so excited! <3

Lps Natspratz

As soon as I placed my order it was shipped! The pets came in the same condition as the photos showed! Very fast shipping will buy again!!

Piggy lps

I haven’t gotten my pets yet cause I ordered them 2 days ago but I love the prices the are so affordable And amazing I want to come here every Friday and order more it’s the best thing ever thanks and stay safe!