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The pets looked like brand new! Thank you!

I didn’t get my pets yet, but amazing service!

So basically, they gave this $3.00 bunny rabbit LPS I was gonna purchase for free because it had some damage on it. Also I was trying to buy a dog LPS that costed $5.00 and it was out of stock so they gave me a $8.00 refund ($3.00 + $5.00). I love this company so much!

Raina Chavez

Hi do you have any golden retrievers cocker spaniel and great dane

Ella barton amery

oooo so cool

LPS Life

This is great! I used to spend $8 for one fake lps on Amazon! This is the first store I have ever seen that only sells LPS, and it is amazing. They sell AUTHENTIC Lps for as cheap as $1.00!! Thanks to these amazing people, I now own a collection with 30+ Littlest Pet Shops!

kiahna wood



This is amazing! all of the lps are in amazing condition!


I love this shop and I always will😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

cosmic kitty lps

(i used the lps i buy to customize as you can see in the photos i bought all the lps here)

these are all soooo good, im so glad i found it i have many lps reviews on my lps channel if you wanna see them so that you can see the quality of the lps (they are in great condition) anyways this is my youtube channel

cosmic kitty lps

hailey/ sunsetgallop26


cosmic kitty lps

the lps i got were all in amazing condition i have order way more then 20 lps from this site and the shipping is extremely fast i do recommend
i you would like to see my reviews on youtube my channel is: cosmic kitty lps

Pauline Martino Serpe

Arrived quickly. Exactly what i ordered. This is the best and cheapest LPS shop i have ever seen :D
I'm so happy <3 Definitely shop here again. Thank you!


Thank you again for these wonderful pets.

Hailey Leiva (sunsetgallop26)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOEV THIS STORE!! i buy all my lps here! I have seen a lot of places where they sell fake lps saying there real, BUT THIS SHOP IS THE BEST EVER

lps spearmint

i just got the lps i ordered i love them soooo much i give this site a ten out of ten

lps spearmint

im a huge lps collector and last year i ordered some lps and they were all authentic i just ordered 50 lps today of of this website and i cant wait to get them! i love this site soooo much!


Another order later and my previous opinion still remains. This shop is amazing. The prices are great and for something that has been discontinued for years, the selection is amazing. Old pets, new pets, common pets, rare pets, this site has it all! The shipping prices are reasonable and shipping takes less than a week, which is fantastic! Overall, this site, (and the people behind it) are awesome. :)

lucea barte

ordered the lps last night! can't wait to get them! (btw I found this website by giraffegirl12345)

amelia sansalone

love the pets there are so many to chose from and I always like to see out the new ones. I have some in my cart already. I can't wait till they come Keep up the good work!!


The Littlest Pet Shop Stop belongs to incredible people Kinsey and her Mom: helpful and truly hearty. Thanks to them we have an incredible collection of lps friends, which we have been collecting for the last couple of months. They are all in excellent condition. We recommend this website to all lps enthusiasts as we have become them: Sylvia and her two small collectors 😉

Emily =]

my lps love the lego plates!

Monroe miles

Great quality recommended

Ash ♡

They looked great when they came! Amazing shop, I'll be buying again!


This is a amazing shop I got my pets day and I’m really happy tysm

Elle miles

Me and my sister have purchased from this shop so many times. I would’ve made a review sooner, but I just found out about them! Anyways, I’m 11, and my sister is 9, (Turing 10 on August 6) we are little kids, so the prices are amazing and so affordable for us! Love this shop!


Why are the short hair cats so expensive plz make them cheap.


This shop is great!
The LPS are all at an awesome affordable price, they're all in excellent condition and they are always safely packaged so they don't get damaged while getting shipped!
This is also a great shop for parents who are looking for good LPS for their children from different series', and every LPS is full of magic! : )


well i ordered lps here last week and they came today and there amazing! it even came with candy!

jalyyn marie hubard

i just ordered some lps and by the reviews it sounds like ill love it !!!!


The pet came really quick and was in great shape! I just ordered another pet and I’m very excited to receive it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Agata Pawlik

This website is a god send for LPS collectors. Not only is there a large selection of LPS in great condition but the prices are amazing. And all the LPS are authentic!!! Also, the sellers are upfront about any flaws present on the LPS which is great. I have ordered from LPSStop before and will definitely order again in the future. As a hardcore LPS collector, I wholeheartedly recommend this site for affordable, pristine and authentic LPS.


i have just purchased some lps from here and i can tell by the reviews that they will be awesome. Five stars!


Oh my gosh they have so many cute Lps I ordered here two times and they’re all real and oh my gosh I’m gonna order again because it’s just amazing I love you littlest pet shop stop I love you I love you I love you so much like you don’t even know I ordered a glass eyed spider and I love it so much and I ordered some really cute and even some rare pets and like yes I don’t even know what to say because thank you so much I just hope you read this review and I just yeah thank you

Pepper La Valley

Hi I just ordered Lps today and I can tell they will be great! I love how there at an amazing price!


I loved all the Lps I ordered and they came in about 3 days! Although, one cat I got came with a bow, and it broke in the first 5 minutes I had it. But other than that, everything was great!

Lps kitten twins

Love these pets!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cindy :)

Great place to get authentic lps!! :) But take down the ones that are out of stock please:)

pawesome tv fan 2011

omg these pets are AMAZING I have ordered from here a few times and I got pets for my birthday. amazing condiction and they will tell you if it is fake > and free candy! 10/10 recomend!!

lps eunoia

i love my pet so much! the care that the littlest pet shop stop puts into their products i honestly amazing<3 i actually unboxed him on my lpstube channel as well! i love him:) ~ eunoia

Emerald G.

I love this shop they have cheap LPS and they are very clean.

Lps Oatmeal

I just ordered my 3 lps yesterday (I still haven’t gotten them yet), and because of the reviews, I can tell that they are going to be great! Thank you so much for making this store to get cheap lps! I can’t wait to see them! 🤩🥳🤗💖

Cadum Whitethorn

I got my lps a couple days ago but I’m pretty sure it was fake the head do not bobble but it was in perfect condition and I loved the extras I would give the shop ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars out of five I will be buying again!!!!💙

Chorky Blorky Broth

Can you take off pets thats are out of stock? I just saw my dream lps and then saw that it was out of stock. Seriously?!

Rose Acaria

Amazing pets. Amazing prices. 10/10 would still recommend.

angel villa

i am so exited to get a pet I have alot know but collecting some new or old lps and with these reviews I think I will be shoping here for alot of lps thank you and plese stay safe;D


This is my absolute favorite place to buy authentic lps. I had hundreds as a kid and now I'm addicted again. Keep up the great work and be safe!




awesome! i can't wait to have my new LPS!!!


Awesome toys good condition


this is amazing I got 7 bunny's and they came in the same package and only in a week it came! The pets were so clean and came with a air head water melon flavor and a smarty they were so good! I 100% positive you should buy from here