This small grab bag includes 1 pet.The pets you might receive include-Monkeys-Mice-Hamsters-Rabbits-Guinea Pigs-Butterfly’s-Birds-Frogs-Lizards -And more These are mostly gen 1 pets and there will be NO cats or dogs. This grab bag is mostly for those who are just starting to collect and want a ton of pets to start with or for those who just want LPS for their kids to play with. There are over 150 of these pets available so if you order a few you will NOT get duplicates (unless you buy like all of them 😂)! If you have a preference of what pets you want feel free to leave that as a comment. However, please note you are not guaranteed to get the pets you want. Feel free to email us with any questions!

LPS Authentic Blind Bag Pet (Includes 1 pet)